So, you’ve been a successful eBay seller for a year now and you want to expand your business operations on other networks? Or maybe you were selling products on Facebook and you want a website and presence on Amazon too? What you are interested in is a multi channel selling platform. There are many things that people like about multi channel eCommerce including more customers, more sales and fast growth. But, if you want to do this in the right way, you will need to pick a platform that can help you. Here’s a list of our suggestions.


Shopify is one of the most used eCommerce platforms in the world. It’s the choice of many popular websites of all sizes. The products you list are uploaded in the cloud and they can be accessed from anywhere. This platform promises seamless integration with a wide range of websites and networks. In addition, Shopify provides dozens of features and services that you can’t find elsewhere. There’s no limit when it comes to the number of products you can list. Shopify supports eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms and marketplaces. This is an SSL certified solution too.


Squarespace is one of the fastest growing platforms of this type. This is a website builder which is very easy to use and offers many customization features. The best part is that you don’t need advanced technical knowledge and skills to get the job done. Most users rely on Squarespace when they want to sell Amazon products from their custom built site. Just like Shopify, this platform hosts products in the cloud. But, unlike Shopify, Squarespace comes with fewer add-ons and apps. You should also keep in mind that eBay support is not available through this solution.


We must say that WooCommerce is not your typical multi channel eCommerce solution. The main difference between WooCommerce and Shopify and Squarespace is that you can use WooCommerce only if you have a WordPress website because this is practically a WP plugin. But, if you already have a website like this, you can turn it into an online store right away. What’s important to know is that WooCommerce offers Amazon and eBay support, but only via third party integration. There’s no SSL certificate, but you can install one through a third party provider too.

All in all, these are all excellent options even though Shopify has far more users than the other two solutions.

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