Introduction of Malwarebytes Privacy-Malwarebytes Labs

Introduction of Malwarebytes Privacy-Malwarebytes Labs

It is very important to use a VPN that you can trust to protect your privacy on the Internet. That’s why we launched Malwarebytes Privacy, a next-generation VPN that guarantees the privacy, performance and security of your online life.

Here at Malwarebytes, we are no strangers to using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect our privacy when surfing. Regular readers of our blog will remember that we have repeatedly advised the use of VPN, whether they are users of mobile devices looking for anonymity or business owners wanting to use additional authentication protocols. We believe VPNs are an integral part of the tiered protection that users should use against device and personal data threats.

An important observation that we constantly stress is that it is important to choose a VPN that keeps its promises and does not misuse your data. To make this choice easier, we’ve developed our own VPN that malware users can rely on to protect your information and privacy every time you go online. With this in mind, we are proud to present the confidentiality of malicious berries.

What is the confidentiality of malicious wells?

Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-generation VPN that helps protect
against attacks on your privacy and personal information when you access the Internet. Our VPN secures
from your connection so that your online activities remain private and secure. All your
traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel to our VPN servers and then to the
site you visit. This way sites see the VPN ID and not the
that belongs to you. Not all the information your supplier stores can be linked to you.

The most important thing is that Malwarebytes Privacy does not collect
protocol or telemetry data from the user. Your data will also remain confidential to us.

What makes Malicious Baja Privacy the next generation?

If you have used other VPNs in the past, you may have experienced a serious delay in your Internet traffic on
. This is a logical consequence of tunneling
via a remote server. However, if you compare
malware databases to other VPNs,
traffic flow is smoother, which is much faster than traditional VPNs.

Malicious bytes not only increase the speed of the Internet compared to other VPNs. And this, too:

  • Does not slow down the computer
  • Indicates lower battery consumption in portable devices
  • Uses the best 256-bit AES encryption in its class

While VPNs move from the workplace to the home,
Privacy Malware uses the latest technologies to provide users with better
performance and online privacy.

Why use a VPN?

Every time you go online, companies, advertisers and
hackers try to spy on you. In a world where there are more connections than
, a VPN is like your own personal internet connection.
The VPN allows you to change your IP address for the internet to a location of your choice,
, hiding the address of your real server and hiding your online activity from
trying to capitalize it.

Data protection against malicious bytes reduces this process to
with a single click. For example, the intuitive interface displays the most important
information about your internet connection on an easy-to-read dashboard:

  • If VPN is enabled or disabled
  • What is the location of the selected server
  • Your real IP address compared to the IP address displayed on the screen.

Introduction of Malwarebytes Privacy-Malwarebytes Labs Confidentiality of malicious berries

Using world-class encryption, Malwarebytes Privacy
also helps protect your personal information from cybercriminals – without
collecting information about your browsing or online activities. As an added bonus, our VPN, with
‘s more than 180 servers in over 30 countries, offers
users the ability to view a wide variety of localized content on the Internet.

How to obtain privacy from harmful berries

The user manual of Malwarebytes Data Protection covers the basics of the program and can be found on our support pages. You will learn how to download and install our VPN, activate the program, connect to a private server and use other functions. You can also customize program settings, check your account details, and get help within the application.

For more information on how to protect your privacy from malicious error, please visit our dedicated VPN website.

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