How to track the IP address of the original e-mail sender

There are several reasons why you want to trace an email to its original IP address. One is probably that you want to discover the origin of those annoying emails that constantly bypass your spam filter, or that you want to confirm the origin of the email requesting confidential information. You can perform this task using the IP address.

Do you know what an IP address is? Think of it as a street number in a geographic catalogue. This is a unique number that is automatically assigned to devices connected to the network and through which the devices communicate with other devices and servers inside and outside the network.

IP addresses can be used to locate the source or destination of the network traffic, and it is this address that we will check in the header of the message whose location you wish to decode.

What is an e-mail header?

All e-mail messages contain a lot of data, including information about the sender and the recipient, but most of this information is minimized by default. You need to know the Who, Ot and Subject fields – these and other fields are located in the so-called email header area and are easily accessible in just 3 steps, depending on your email client application.


  1. Open the email address you are interested in
  2. Click on the 3-point menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose View Initial


  1. The three-point menu is located at the top of
  2. Select Display unprocessed message.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Look at the three-point menu icon above the message text.
  2. Select the Display message source option.

It doesn’t matter which email application you use, the reason is that you need to view your mail in its original state, and then you can be busy.

Gmail Letterheads

Searching for IP address

If you choose to display your email in raw form, you will be confronted with jargon-like text. That’s not true. Quickly find the IP address of the sender by pressing Ctrl + F and then search for Receive or Receive from. Did you find him? This is the IP address of the sender next to it.

Finding an IP address from mail headers

Email Header Analyzers

Now that you have an IP address, your next task is to discover its geographical interpretation. You can speed up this process from the moment you display the message in its raw form. How? With one of the many free header parsers available on the internet.

Among other things, the following should be mentioned

Copy and paste the text from the message header into the text field of the Analyzer application and start tracing. If the scanner has trouble finding an IP address, don’t worry, because you already know how to find it manually.

E-mail Header Analysis Program

Possible error

Although it is possible that this method works with every email, it may be wrong to trace the IP address of an email sent with the GMail form and bring it to the location of Google’s servers rather than to the actual sender. It can be good or bad, depending on which side of the fence you are on.

For more information, please refer to the chapter Better private postal services.

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