So, you want to become part of the eCommerce fever and start selling products online in order to make a profit. Congrats, this is a smart move because, without any doubt, eCommerce is the future. Every year, the statistics are showing rapid growth in this market and experts agree that this trend won’t stop in the future. But, if you want to witness the true power of this kind of commerce, you should opt for multi channel eCommerce. This means that you should be offering your products on more than one channel (for example, more than just your website). The positive thing here is that you can do this without any hassles by using the best multi channel selling platform.

Of course, there is no single platform of this type that we can call the best because every business has specific characteristics and unique business goals. Yet, there are a few platforms that stand out thanks to their features.


Even if you are not a seasoned player in this area, you have probably heard about BigCommerce. This is a multi channel eCommerce platform which has an incredible range of features and payment options. The creators have obviously recognized the versatility of modern online businesses and that’s why they are offering four different plans – standard, plus, pro and enterprise. In addition, even though there’s no need for coding, it would be great if you have at least basic experience in this field if you want to improve the functionality of your website. It’s worth mentioning that this platform supports eBay and Amazon and a few other marketplaces.


Wix is a well-established online website builder. They were one of the pioneers of the drag and drop system of website building. Thanks to this specific method, you will be able to create a modern eCommerce site without programming. Cloud hosting, SSL certificate, blog integration – these are just some of the things that you can expect on Wix. There’s also Amazon and eBay support.


In the end, there’s Volusion, an eCommerce marketplace with multi channel features which comes at a more than fair price. The platform comes equipped with a wide array of features regardless of the plan you choose. This platform supports a wide range of payment methods including Bitcoin. But, if you want to include Bitcoin, you will have to use third party integration. Volusion has an SSL certificate too.