13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

Android TV is slowly but surely developing into a platform since its first appearance in 2014. While competition for the championship between Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and other smart TV platforms is getting tougher every day, the Android TV platform still has a strong voice thanks to its integration with the latest technologies from Google and numerous applications. Whether you own an Android TV or have purchased an Android TV box, you will find the best Android TV apps to give you a breathtaking experience.

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1. Northern VPN (or other good VPN)

This list does not go into detail about the best VPN applications for Android (we have a separate article for that). Whether you want to use NordVPN or another application like IPVanish or ExpressVPN, the VPN application is a great idea to have on your Android TV as it allows you to view regionally blocked content. Read here Windows Plesk server support.

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13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

You can view HBO Now or ESPN from within the UK, BBC iPlayer, all four outside the UK or a limited number of regional apps from around the world. Just open the VPN, select the country you want to send your internet connection to (the same country where the regional application is located) and you’re ready to go.

2. Retrospective

The extremely popular All-in-One front-end emulation works just as well on most Android TVs as it does on PCs and mobile devices. For the uninitiated, Retroarch brings most of the best game console emulators under one roof, so you can download the emulator files as cores inside.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

It takes some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered Retroarch, you’ll get the best emulation experience for NES, SNES, PS1, N64 and many other console games. It has many features that allow you to increase the resolution and graphics of the game much more than could be the case with your original consoles. To get an idea, check out our research guide on the N64 and PS1.

Because many of these older games do not take up much space on your hard disk, you can install them directly on your TV or run them from your external hard disk. Of course, you have to run the real games you want through the emulator for legal reasons.

Do you want to know if you are on the right side of the law? Here you will find everything you need to know about the legality of game emulators.

3. X-plore File Manager

After ES File Explorer disappeared from the Play Store earlier this year due to questionable associations with Chinese spyware, the best file management software of the same name was released for Android TV. Climb the steps of the X-plore file manager to steal the show.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

This File Manager allows you to view all the files and folders on your Android TV in a granular way, just like you can with a desktop operating system such as Windows or MacOS. Delete, move and copy files as needed, sync your files with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and share your files over Wi-Fi. It’s a useless application for those who want to immerse themselves in their Android TV.

4. TV charger

Surfing the Internet has always been the weak point of smart TVs, where remote controls and on-screen keyboards never reach the finesse of the computer. The Puffin TV browser will go a long way in this direction, replacing the traditional PC-optimized browser interface with the address bar and all other boring elements with a bold, tiled interface that can be felt right on the TV screen.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

It syncs with your phone, lets you bookmark with QR codes and makes websites incredibly fast. Puffin’s merit is that it doesn’t really look like a web browser, but rather like a media center based on web browsing. This gives us a glimpse into the future of surfing the web from television.

5. Codes

The Kodi multimedia platform is one of the best ways to transmit data from a variety of devices on your home network, from Wi-Fi multimedia centers to PCs. But for many people, the real point of sale here is an endless array of add-ons that give you access to streaming services from around the world. Some of them are legal websites like Fox Sports and BBC iPlayer.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

Other additions to Kodi are a little more, uh, convenient and offer feeds installed by Kodi users around the world so you can watch international TV, cable TV and movies for free. It’s up to you to decide what’s legal and what’s not, but in the end there are a lot of things Cody can be used for.

Want to see what Cody has to offer? Check out our lists of the best Cody supplements and the best sports supplements for Cody.

6. Steam connection

In May 2018, the Google Play Store launched the Steam Link application, which allows you to stream data from your PC to all Android devices, from smartphones to Android TVs. Yes, this means that with a good Internet connection, you can now distribute your Steam directly to your TV – up to a resolution of 4K to 60 images per second, not less. (You must enter the parameters to change the value by default at 1080p).

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

We strongly recommend that both the TV and the steam computer be connected to the home network via Ethernet for proper operation. In addition, I wish you a good game!

For more tips on setting up the Steam Link application, please read our guide here.

7. Netflix

When it comes to video streaming services, Netflix is the rule. It is one of the most popular platforms for the distribution of films and television programs around the world. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest video streaming services. And now that Netflix is global, you probably already have a subscription.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

If you already have a Netflix subscription, using the special Netflix Android TV app will make your experience even more exciting. The service offers a wide range of movies, TV programs and documentaries. It is also one of the few video streaming platforms that supports 4K video and HDR. Netflix is pre-installed on most current Android TVs, but if you don’t have it, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

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8. Haystack TV

HayStack TV is an intelligent information application that has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years. Its greatest admiration came in 2017, when HayStack TV was nominated by Google for best TV experience at the 2017 Google Play Awards. But not all admiration is without reason. HayStack TV takes a different approach when it comes to keeping you up to date with the latest news.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

HayStack allows you to first select your interests and the most reliable sources from a list of topics. It will learn about you and your interests based on the topics, categories and sources you choose. It will then use this information to tailor your daily news program to your interests. HayStack collects news information from over 100 local and international news channels.

9. Airborne screen

Android TVs are compatible with Google Cast. They allow you to transfer any video, audio or image from your Android device to your Android HDTV. What if you’re an iPhone user and you accidentally bought an Android TV? Technically, you will have serious compatibility issues. That’s because iPhone doesn’t support Google Cast. They come with Airplay, a feature that allows iOS users to stream media from their iPhone to Apple TV.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

But Google has made life easier for iOS users by introducing AirScreen, an application that allows iPhone users to stream multimedia content from their iPhone to their Android TV. AirScreen creates an AirPlay server on your Android TV that allows you to play the screen of your iPhone on your Android TV.

10. Trepidations

If you want to see a live stream of players demonstrating their gaming skills, Twitch is the right choice. Twitch is a video platform on which players place video games in real time. Watching live video streams may seem boring for ordinary people, but for game fans it’s not only fun, it’s extremely important.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

Watching Twitch allows players to become familiar with new game tactics and new ways of playing, and gives a new understanding of the different levels and challenges the game offers. It can really help players who are stuck at a certain level to learn how to move on to the next level. If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll appreciate what Google has done by putting Twitch on its list of applications for Android TV.

11. Google Drive

If you want to access all your files on your Android TV, you can try the Google Drive application. By installing the Google Drive application on your TV, you get unlimited access to all your data in the cloud and you can see everything on a big screen.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

The only problem is that the Google Drive application is currently not available in the Android game store. But that doesn’t mean you can’t install it! You can always download it from the site or simply install it with applications such as ES File Explorer. You can also place a copy of the APK on the SD card and install it from there.

12. VLC Media Player

If you want an exciting video experience on your Android TV, VLC Media Player is the application for you. This impressive media player supports almost any video codec. It also supports network streams, most audio file types and ISO DVDs. It’s probably the best multi-functional media player for Android TVs.

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

In addition, the VLC player automatically splits your library into audio, video and other media. You can also use the player’s settings to control playback as you see fit and do other things, such as B. hardware acceleration, control. The VLC media player is available for download from the Android TV Play Store.

13. Alex

13 Android Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV

Plex is also one of the best Android TV applications for media organization and management. If you have a media library on your Android TV, you will find the Plex very useful for organizing, managing, distributing and controlling playback on any screen in your home. Plex has worked hard to make the Plex application on Android TV a success. The application is clean, fast and easy to navigate.

What Android TV applications do you recommend? For more information on cleaning and disinfecting your TV remote please refer to our manual. To stream movies and TV shows from your Android phone to your smart TV, check out our list of the best DLNA streaming apps for Android.

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